Bill Gates is going vegan. Here’s why you should go meat-free too

The multi-billionaire discusses the benefits of a meat-free path.  

When one of the world’s wealthiest self-made individuals throws his support behind a certain movement, it’s probably advisable to at least hear what he has to say. In this instance, Bill Gates has recently begun to advocate for replacing meat and animal byproducts with plant-based products. 

At a charity dinner event in 2012, the founder of Microsoft suggested that the replacement of meat and animal byproducts with comparable plant-based products is a development that would have a variety of benefits, ranging from cheaper prices, to a lesser environmental impact, to healthier foods, to a vast reduction in animal cruelty. Because the benefits of such a transition are so wide-ranging, the switch to plant-based products appeals to the interests of numerous groups of people with differing objectives. Gates puts a particular emphasis on the advantage of sustainability, as he sees our current unsustainable rate of consumption as a major issue going forward. He suggests that the switch to a primarily plant-based diet would be an effective step towards a sustainable future.   

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By Jason Elliot Schwartz

What do you think about Bill Gates’ proposition to move from animal-based products to plant-based products? What are the benefits or drawbacks?




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